Pennsylvania Repository Sales
This information is unique for the State of Pennsylvania. Other states will most likely use other terminology; in other words, if you ask about repository sales outside of Pennsylvania, people might not know what you are talking about.

The State of Pennsylvania conducts three kinds of tax sales in sequence:

  1. Upset Sale – Public oral auction setting – live bidding on site

  2. Judicial Sale – Also a public oral auction – live bidding on site

  3. Repository Sale – This is the third kind of sale for properties that make it through the first two levels unsold. This sale accepts mailed-in bids, making it possible to participate from out of state.

To obtain a list of properties for the Repository Sale: When properties are available, ask about the purchase procedure. At that time you can also find out how can you get a list of these properties? You would like the county to send you a list of the properties if the list is not online. Many times they will expect you to walk in and pick up a list, even thought that might require a 1500 mile journey. Explain that you are out of state and will not be in the area.

Pennsylvania Repository Sales