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Personal Research

Finding the People Who Own Tax Delinquent Properties

Once you obtain a list of tax delinquent properties, you will want to get the names and mailing addresses of the owners of these properties. Otherwise, how can you contact them in order to work out a deal with them to take over their delinquent properties? These sites will help you look up names, addresses and even telephone numbers.

ZabaSearch is a general finder site, available at no charge. One of it's attractive features is that you get access to addresses even if the party has no phone number or the phone number is unlisted. Also, most search results tell you the date that that information was gathered, and it retains all past addresses to allow you to try multiple locations. Quite often the results report the birth year of the individual parties. That allows you to distinguish the 67-year-old Frank Nelson from the 41-year-old or the 85-year-old.

The three phone directories also have no fee for looking up names, addresses and phone numbers. In fact, they feature a reverse-lookup feature for addresses and phone numbers. With a reverse search you can find out who lives at a particular address or you can find neighbors of a property for gathering information about that parcel or to whom to offer first rights to a parcel.

Parcel Quest is a fee-based site, but is extremely helpful for finding property owners in the state of California. California law prohibits counties from providing names and addresses of property owners, but you can look that information up at this site. It is not inexpensive, but you can always sign up for a trial use using your email address. If your email address were to change, it would then become possible to sign up for an additional trial use. Since Web-based email addresses are available free of charge from a variety of providers, theoretically you should never have to pay for this service.

Net Detective gives full access to a great deal of personal information that you cannot normally get for free, such as addresses, unlisted phone numbers, and email addresses. It provides people searches, reverse phone number searches, DMV information, information on your neighbors, financial information, and court records. They charge $29 for a three-year membership, but if you are serious and want to do a large volume business, it is something to look in to. A competing site,, offers similar service on a per usage basis with additional personal protection service.