Useful Software Program Downloads

The following links will allow you to download software designed to help you with your business. They are free of charge unless labeled otherwise. You may find that the best way to acquire lists of leads from certain counties is to downloac a spreadsheet. However, if you do not have a spreadsheet program application on your computer, what can you do? MicroSoft Excel is the most common application, but normally to buy it requires several hundred dollars to get the entire Office Suite. Zoho emulates Excel online so that you can download spreadsheet files without out the expense. There is no need to download a program, you just use it online and save the files to your computer. Not only does this come with a spreadsheet, it also has word processing and all the elements of the MicroSoft Office Suite - at not cost! Another alternative for reading Excel files (or from any standard spreadsheet application) this aims to compete with Microsoft Office and emulate its look and feel. can open files of older versions of Microsoft Office and damaged files that newer versions of Microsoft Office itself cannot open. Furthermore, you can install it to your computer for use when you cannot be online. This is an important part of researching a property before you buy. Not only can you see a parcel close up via satellite imagery, but the "Layers" feature allows you to find nearby restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, schools, churches, recreation areas, as well as photographs of the areas and quick information snippets on local towns and attractions.

Sea Monkey: An attractive auction ad grabs attention and helps you sell your property better. Any time you create your advertisement in HTML format, you have a more attractive ad. HTML is the programming language of the World Wide Web. If the thought of having to learn a programming languange causes a sense of anxiety, relax. Sea Monkey is a Web Browser that allows you to lay out your ad the way you want, including graphics, then save it as an HTML document to import to either Bid4Assets or eBay. An alternative HTML editor that is somewhat easier to figure out than Sea Monkey. Either way, you will make your ad attractive which makes your property all the more saleable.

MW Snap: This is a freeware screen image capture program that allows you to take the image from a Web site (such as a mapping site) and save it to your computer. If you have a satellite image of the property you are buying, perhaps from GoogleEarth, with the property outline drawn in with the Polygon tool or with the Placemark icon in place, you can save that image to your computer, then use it in your Bid4Assets or eBay ads to increase interest in your property.