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Welcome to the Tax Sales Coaching Home Page 

The information you will find here draws on our long experience as investors and as coaches to other investors. This site does not promote any particular program or methodology. Rather, we prefer to make it a clearinghouse of useful and practical information that will help you in your success.

Although some of the external links you will find here will take you to information presented by various programs, this is by no means meant to be an endorsement of that program. We find that the information contained on any site we link you to is good and useful, and therefore wish to make it available to you as well. We hope you find the information on this Web site interesting and valuable.

You should study the information on this site as directed by your personal coach. Please remember that this information is general in nature. It does not apply to all circumstances nor to all markets. However, it is all based on widely accepted principles of tax sales and real estate investing.
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